‘Tis the Season

…to begin or add to an art collection.  The 2015 Art Fair season has begun and this is a great time of year to get out and take a look at open air art shows. On a professional level, I like to get out and walk the shows, evaluating which may be a good fit for some of my smaller works. Having recently relocated to Indy from the northeast, all the shows in Indiana are new to me! Continue reading “‘Tis the Season”

Watching Out For The Bees

I love plein air painting (painting outdoors) with my artist buddies.  However, it’s totally different from painting in the comfort (and isolation) of the studio.  Along with the views there’s nature to contend with.  Sometimes it’s small wildlife that gets your attention, or weather conditions to take into consideration.  And sometimes it’s bees that are territorial… or just curious.  Continue reading “Watching Out For The Bees”

An Intuitive Approach

This is a new painting — fresh off the easel. And THIS is a video about making it.

“Wide Open Portal” by Barbara Peterson
28″x 22″ oil on canvas

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Landscapes Challenge

I started the year off with a challenge.  I joined a group of artists online who were doing a painting a day for the month of January.  The goal was to complete 30 paintings in one month.  I didn’t complete all 30; I completed 23 paintings and learned a lot about my process.

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Unresolved Issues – “Erasecism”

"Unresolved Issues" by Barbara Peterson
“Unresolved Issues” by Barbara Peterson
28″x 22″ oil on canvas

In thinking about this painting for the exhibit entitled “Erasecism”, I concentrated on the dynamics of interaction that come into play in causing schisms and divisions amongst people. I assembled objects and symbols to represent groups of people and the dynamics of the group and individuals.

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