Hoosier Salon Annual Exhibition

Indiana arts lovers and patrons:

You can see some of the best works by Indiana artists, including my own, at the Indiana State Museum now through October 8, 2017.  I’m excited to announce that my painting, Still Life With Summer Fruit, has been selected to be part of the Hoosier Salon’s 93rd Annual Exhibition.

Still Life With Summer Fruit
Barbara Peterson

The competition for the show was stiff.  Out of 619 works of art submitted for the show,  about 160 works were selected. Here’s a peek at my painting for the show. Too small to see it well here?  It’s bigger and looks much better in person!! So put the show on your calendar this summer and go see it. (Lots of amazing work by great artists!!!)

Everything in the Hoosier Salon Exhibition can be purchased online at www.hoosiersalon.org or by calling (317)669-6050. Your purchase supports the artist and the Hoosier Salon Patrons Association, a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt artist-service organization.

Landscapes Challenge

I started the year off with a challenge.  I joined a group of artists online who were doing a painting a day for the month of January.  The goal was to complete 30 paintings in one month.  I didn’t complete all 30; I completed 23 paintings and learned a lot about my process.

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Unresolved Issues – “Erasecism”

"Unresolved Issues" by Barbara Peterson
“Unresolved Issues” by Barbara Peterson
28″x 22″ oil on canvas

In thinking about this painting for the exhibit entitled “Erasecism”, I concentrated on the dynamics of interaction that come into play in causing schisms and divisions amongst people. I assembled objects and symbols to represent groups of people and the dynamics of the group and individuals.

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